Dwayne and I are overcome with the response from my simple blog post. My intention in writing it was not to receive any handouts, I really wanted to get my family as many prayers as I could, and to just release all of the thoughts and emotions that I had over these short few weeks. Never in a million years did we anticipate such an out pour of love and support. We feel flabbergasted and overwhelmed by all the people who have rallied behind us in this time of need and we could never say thank you enough. Devastating times can really bring out the generosity and goodness in people and we are thankful to have so many good kind hearted people in our lives. The financial support we have so far received is beyond our wildest dreams. Dwayne can take time away from working and we can focus on our family thanks to the relief of the financial burden. The meals and just plain kindness of people has been so heart warming that I feel like I can conquer anything. Each chemotherapy day or tough day I can read each of your inspiring messages and know that I am loved and have a network of support to get me through wherever this journey is meant to go. I hope to spend my time in treatment really embracing my family and creating memories as much as possible.

I have also received messages and phone calls from people I have never met. These people have told me that my story has touched them and they experienced similar battles. If anything can come from my blog, I hope it is the knowledge that cancer affects so many people in so many ways. When I had to make the phone call to my family about my diagnosis, I felt like in a single moment all their lives changed and not just mine. I want to spread awareness about the detection and treatment of cancer, but I also want to be raw and real about my emotional experience. Hopefully, god willing, I will be able to look at this blog in the future and feel inspired by the journey we have gone on. Thank you again to all the people who have sent us their sentiments, donated their time or money, and for all the hugs of pure love. We are forever grateful.


11 thoughts on “The response

  1. I came across your story just in social media.. a friend of a friend kind of thing (I’m also a nurse so maybe that’s a link as well).. just wanted to say I’m amazed by your strength and wish nothing but health and happiness for your beautiful family. I hope the memories you create with your little ones will forever warm your hearts into old age :).

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  2. Oh Kelly… I just got home from work. The unit was filled with so much sadness today. We can’t stop thinking about this nightmare… But it is real. Lifting up you, Dwayne, Eric, Leah, Lauren and your families to our Lord Jesus in this time of upmost turmoil!! May He surround with you all with His loving arms and give you peace in every moment that lies ahead! You seem strong and so positive. Sending love, hugs & many prayers!!
    ❤Jen Ens


  3. Kelly I am one of Ruth Tomaselli Wiebe’s sister Gail. I knew your Dad when he came to live in Ontario with John at Ruth and Jake’s home. I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish there was more that I cold do wanted you to know though that I am sending you my love and prayers.

    Gail Tomaselli


  4. Kelly and Dwayne and family, We are sending you loads of love and prayers. My eyes are full of tears knowing your sweet young family is going through all of this. Thank you for sharing your heart and story. Stay strong, exercise faith and know you have a Father in Heaven who knows and loves you.

    Jodie and Rand


  5. I came across your posts through a friend and I felt compelled to tell you about our family miracle in hope to give you strength and peace.
    3 years ago my mother was diagnosed with a type of uterine cancer. Her survival rate given to get was 11% and less than 6 months. We were all floored. My mom was never sick, weak, tired. She only started to bleed at 68 years old so in she went. Fast forward to first chemo treatment she went in telling all the nurses she’s not sick, and to not treat her like she is. It will pass. She stayed positive everyday, she told herself and her body everyday that it’s not sick and she litterally would talk to her body saying positive things such as, we have a choir concert for the grandkids and we are going so you better behave body! We all heard her mumble positive things to herself all day long. She kept on doing her things. She kept going to quilting classes, visiting her friends, coming to see her kids and grandkids. She hardened even though the chemo made her bones hurt to the core. And last but deffinetly not least she prayed to God for a miracle. She wasn’t done with her life. She told God us kids were robbed of our father when he died when we were young. She told him she needed to be here. My mom’s body did hit an all time low/rock bottom from chemo and radiation but I’m proud to say 3 years after her diagnosis she is totally cancer free. No signs of it. Un-heard of with her type of cancer. She said its because she didn’t give up, didn’t give in, stayed positive and prayed for a miracle.

    You will get your miracle too! Stay positive! Keep doing your blog. Your story will someday encourage and possibly save someone else!
    Blessing to you and your family/friends. Stay strong, stay you!


  6. Sending you so much love and hugs for you and you’re family….I’m overwhelmed by your life threatening experiences and praying that one by one it will work out. I’m very hopeful of your breast cancer diagnosis….I’m 4.5 years from my stg 4 de novo MBC diagnosis. Please know that there are many many young women out there that are a dozen years out. ❤️❤️❤️
    Joanne Brennan


  7. Kelly my heart breaks for you. I saw you at the doctors office just weeks before you gave birth. I was there for one of my last appoinments before giving birth March 13 myself. You looked amazing. I had no idea you were having twins! Amazing the people you see in the most unlikely places. I should have said something but wasn’t sure if you’d remember me.
    I haven’t seen/talked to you both since high school but please know your entire family is in my prayers. Your blog is truly inspirational and puts life even more into perspective.
    I know you’ll be a fighter through this and I’ll certainly help you and your family wherever needed.
    Sending love and prayers your way ♡


  8. Dear Kelly, Dwayne & Family,
    You don’t know me, (I’m a longstanding friend of Ang Ged’s family) but your story broke my heart. I’m grateful for grace and a Father whose heart is bigger than mine. Praying for His grace, peace, comfort, and healing to encompass you Kelly and each member of your precious family.


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